I'm cooking this in a cast iron skillet,


November 24, 2014/by holly
adobo long beans (adobong sitaw) recipe on fmitk.com

Adobo Long Beans (Adobong Sitaw)

November 20, 2014/by holly
saffron and cardamom pumpkin cheesecake

5 Thanksgiving Desserts that Break Tradition

November 13, 2014/by holly
#FYoKitchen: An FMITK Kitchen Takeover Series

#FYoKitchen: An FMITK Kitchen Takeover Series

November 10, 2014/by holly
asparagus gratin recipe on fmitk.com

Asparagus Gratin

November 6, 2014/by holly
Roasted chicken with cardamom squash and apples recipe on fmitk.com

Roasted Chicken with Cardamom Squash and Apples

November 3, 2014/by holly
Banana cream pie with speculoos crust recipe on fmitk.com

Banana Cream Pie with Speculoos Cookie Crust

October 28, 2014/by holly

Making Macarons – A Class at Sur La Table

October 13, 2014/by holly
old fashioned sour cream donuts on fmitk.com

Old Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnuts : An Exercise in Experimentation

October 6, 2014/by holly
mushroom ragout with goat cheese grit cakes on fmitk.com

Mushroom Ragout with Goat Cheese Grit Cakes

September 25, 2014/by holly
spicy crispy brussels sprouts

FMITK’s Top 5 Favorite Meatless Monday Meals

September 22, 2014/by holly

We Like to Party: A Culinary Ode to Beyoncé

September 10, 2014/by holly
peartition: red wine poached pears with brown butter crumble on fmitk.com

PEARtition: Red Wine-Poached Pears with Brown Butter Crumble

September 10, 2014/by holly
if i were a poboy: chicken fried mushroom mini poboy on fmitk.com

If I Were a Po’Boy: Chicken-fried Mushroom Po’boy Slider

September 10, 2014/by holly
drunk in rub - whiskey-brined smoked chicken wings on FMITK.com

Drunk in Rub: Whiskey-brined Smoked Chicken Wings

September 10, 2014/by holly
bulgogi bao with homemade steamed buns on fmitk.com

Bulgogi Bao with Spicy Cucumbers and Kimchi Slaw

September 4, 2014/by holly
bao - steamed bun recipe on fmitk.com

Bao! (Steamed Buns)

September 3, 2014/by holly
pancit molo - filipino pork dumpling soup on fmitk.com

Pancit Molo (Filipino Pork Dumpling Soup)

August 27, 2014/by holly
peach passion fruit butter on fmitk.com

Peach Passion Fruit Butter

August 25, 2014/by holly
mushroom quinoa and bok choy potstickers on fmitk.com

Mushroom, Quinoa and Bok Choy Potstickers

August 14, 2014/by holly
chai spiced pickled grapes and quinoa salad on fmitk.com

Chai-Spiced Pickled Grapes and Quinoa Salad

August 12, 2014/by holly
aged gouda and apple grilled cheese sandwich on fmitk.com

Aged Gouda and Apple Grilled Cheese

July 31, 2014/by holly
moroccan turkey meatballs with green chutney recipe on fmitk.com

Moroccan Turkey Meatballs with Green Chutney and Tahini Yogurt Sauce

July 24, 2014/by holly
Chinese five spice smoked salmon and bok choy recipe on fmitk.com

Chinese Five Spice Smoked Salmon with Bok Choy and Mushrooms

July 21, 2014/by holly

Favorite Stovetop Smoker Recipes

July 21, 2014/by holly
smoked fig and blu di bufala crostini recipe on fmitk.com

Smoked Fig and Blu di Bufala Crostini

July 16, 2014/by holly
chicken kelaguen and red rice recipe on fmitk.com

Kelaguen Mannok (Chamorro-style Chicken Salad) with Red Rice

July 10, 2014/by holly
mini rose apple pie recipe on fmitk.com

Mini Apple Rose Pies

July 9, 2014/by holly
wild mushroom arancini recipe on fmitk.com

Wild Mushroom Arancini

July 7, 2014/by holly
mini sweet cherry lime pies recipe on FMITK.com

Mini Sweet Cherry Lime Pies

July 2, 2014/by holly
salmon lemon maki roll recipe on FMITK.com

Salmon Lemon Maki Roll

June 26, 2014/by holly
chanterelle mushroom risotto recipe on fmitk.com

Chanterelle Mushroom Risotto

June 25, 2014/by holly
baked falafel with yogurt tahini sauce recipe on fmitk.com

Baked or Fried Falafel with Yogurt Tahini Sauce

June 23, 2014/by holly
toum garlic paste recipe on fmitk.com

Toum (Lebanese Garlic Paste)

June 19, 2014/by holly
strawberry cardamom rhubarb jam recipe on fmitk.com

Strawberry Cardamom Rhubarb Jam

June 17, 2014/by holly
tabbouleh recipe on FMITK.com


June 16, 2014/by holly