adobo sticky wings recipe on

Adobo Sticky Wings

I looooove chicken adobo, and wanted to create a snacky version…
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Spicy Coconut Braised Greens

As some of you may or may not know, my ethnic background…
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Adobo Long Beans (Adobong Sitaw)

Did you know you can "adobo" anything? In Filipino cuisine,…
pancit molo - filipino pork dumpling soup on

Pancit Molo (Filipino Pork Dumpling Soup)

Traditionally, pancit refers to "noodles" in Filipino cuisine,…
chicken kare kare on FMITK

Chicken Kare Kare (Kare Kareng Manok)

Kare kare is a traditional Filipino stew with that is rich…
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Brown Butter Pan de Sal Bread Pudding with Whiskey-Soaked Raisins

I've been wanting to make bread pudding for a while, and…

Coconut Chicken Adobo (Adobo sa Gata)

Chicken adobo is a very personal recipe. Everybody has their…

Ube (Purple Yam) Cinnamon Rolls with Salted Coconut Caramel

My stream of consciousness for creating this recipe: Ooh,…

Sinigang na Baboy (a.k.a. Filipino Sour Tamarind Soup with Pork)

It's finally starting to cool down and I was in the mood…

Everybody Loves Lumpia!

This is my default no-frills-good-every-damn-time lumpia recipe.…