old fashioned sour cream donuts on fmitk.com

Old Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnuts : An Exercise in Experimentation

This post functions as both a recipe and a little behind-the-scenes…
peartition: red wine poached pears with brown butter crumble on fmitk.com

PEARtition: Red Wine-Poached Pears with Brown Butter Crumble

Note: This recipe was part of a Beyonce-themed dinner party…
peach passion fruit butter on fmitk.com

Peach Passion Fruit Butter

If you've never had fruit butter before, please be aware…
mini rose apple pie recipe on fmitk.com

Mini Apple Rose Pies

I'm obsessed with mini things (see: mini cherry lime pies).…
mini sweet cherry lime pies recipe on FMITK.com

Mini Sweet Cherry Lime Pies

I'm obsessed with "mini" things. Little spoons, tiny dishes,…
cherry cornbread muffin recipe on FMITK.com

Sweet Cherry Cornbread Muffins

I think I've finally perfected my version of a sweet cornbread…
pretzel bread pudding with cardamom cajeta on FMITK.com

Pretzel Bread Pudding with Cardamom Cajeta (Goat Milk Caramel)

You know how I feel about pretzels (case and points 1, 2…
vegan avocado ice cream at FMITK.com

Vegan Avocado Ice Cream

I LOVE avocado ice cream - it's easy to find at Filipino…
dark chocolate truffle cakes on FMITK

Dark Chocolate Truffle Cakes

My dear sweet friend Janine just had a baby girl named Georgia.…