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Asparagus Gratin

This recipe was a happy little accident. I originally intended to make a butternut squash gratin, but when I cut into my butternut squash it was a rotting mess. Luckily, Chantal had some asparagus for me, so my butternut squash gratin happily became my asparagus gratin. You don’t *really* need a recipe for this. In […]

Banana Cream Pie with Speculoos Cookie Crust

Listen. I don’t even like banana cream pie, but after watching the Christina Tosi episode of Mind of a Chef, I decided to give it a try. IT. DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT. I officially love banana cream pie now. This version of it, anyway. Instead of using a chocolate cookie crust as traditionally used in Momofuku’s […]

Making Macarons – A Class at Sur La Table

Macarons have always intimidated me.  Ever since I had my first bite of cassis macaron at Laduree in Paris, they remained elusive and magical. They’re just so fragile and delicate and DELICIOUS! Even after reading dozens of recipes and watching all kinds of YouTube tutorials (even in French!), I’ve just never felt comfortable enough to […]

We Like to Party: A Culinary Ode to Beyoncé

Why? Because, Beyoncé. I saw the On The Run Tour back in August and I was obsessed. This menu is the culmination of late night texts between my punniest foodie friends. I wanted to incorporate culinary elements from the south as a nod to Beyonce’s southern roots. It eventually evolved into liquored-up, southern comfort food […]