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Twice-Baked Cajun Shrimp Stuffed Potatoes

If you’ve never had a twice-baked potato, it’s basically like baked potatoes and mashed potatoes had a baby.  There’s a restaurant in San Diego called Island Prime that has theeeee most ridiculous twice-baked potato, loaded with lobster. This is my version of the TBP, inspired by Island Prime and chocked-full of Cajun seasoned shrimp and […]

Mini Rose Apple Pumpkin Pies

THEEEE most popular recipe here on FMITK is, without a doubt, the mini rose apple pies. I absolutely love them – they’re deceptively easy and impressive, especially if you use store-bought pie dough. If you’ve been around FMITK before, you know that I tend to make everything from scratch. If I could milk the cow […]

Adobo Sticky Wings

I looooove chicken adobo, and wanted to create a snacky version of my favorite comfort food.  Here it is, in all of it’s soy sauce’d, vinegar-y glory – the adobo sticky wing. Chicken adobo is a very personal dish – some people like it a bit more salty, some like it very sour. I like […]

Set Your DVRs – Holly Haines x NBC’s Food Fighters!

So, you may have noticed the blog has been a little light on recipes lately. That’s because I’ve been busy with a couple things – 1) The awesome Sunday Supper pop-up at The Cheese Store of San Diego. 2) The awesome TV show I’m competing on! You can see me on Season 2 of NBC’s […]

Chicken Posole Verde

Confession: I’ve never actually had posole before, but something in my tummy was like “make this now”, so I did. And it was DELICIOUS. Granted, I don’t have anything to compare its deliciousness to, but my tongue knows in the depths of its soul that this is it. I love charring veggies for soups; there’s […]