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Fresh Strawberry Cobbler

I know, I know. ANOTHER strawberry recipe? YES. They’re just so damn delicious and in season, I want to do all strawberry everything. This great thing about this recipe is 1) you probably already have all the ingredients in your cupboard (minus the berries) and 2) you can substitute pretty much any fruit for the […]

Trader Joe’s Hack: Crispy Potato Pizza Margherita

I LOVE me some Trader Joes. I especially love their frozen pizzas. Please don’t be turned off by “frozen pizza”. It’s not that microwavable doughy crust you nuke on that weird foil circle red baron 3 for $0.99 shit. It’s actually quite delicious. You could pretty much cut off your finger and throw it on […]

Easy Spanish Tapa – Pintxos Chomin

We had a “International Potuck” day at the office. Everyone drew a country from a hat and I got Spain, so naturally I googled “spanish tapas easy cold” and this is what popped up. Super easy, super delicious, and definitely worth whipping together even if you don’t have an international potluck to attend. There are […]

Strawberry Cake

I’m completely obsessed with strawberries right now. They’re in season and they’re delicious. I buy them by the carton-full at the farmers market and then bake the shit out of ’em. This cake has been my favorite as of late. I’ve made it so many times in the last few weeks that I have the […]

Roasted Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberries are so delicious right now, I’m looking for anyway to use them. Here’s a recipe from Martha, slightly adapted. The only adaptation from Martha’s recipe is the cooking method. I’m SO not a fan of wrapping everything in foil and making a water bath and BLAH BLAH BLAH that comes with making a traditional […]

Buttermilk Blue Cheese Bacon Biscuits

The easiest drop biscuits ever – no kneading, no rolling, no dusting flour everywhere. You don’t need any special tools, just some cold butter and delicate fingertips! Let’s get this biscuit party started. Buttermilk Blue Cheese Bacon Biscuits Adapted from Gourmet. makes: 12 biscuits in 35 minutes Ingredients 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 2 1/2 […]

Everybody Loves Lumpia!

This is my default no-frills-good-every-damn-time lumpia recipe. It’s pretty simple – ground beef, ground pork, veggies and a gravy that pulls it all together. I encourage you to add whatever you like to season the mixture. Sometimes I like to add gochujang (spicy korean chili paste), toasted sesame oil or grated ginger… just do you […]