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FMITK? wtf!

FMITK (From My Impossibly Tiny Kitchen) started as a joke.

It started as a superfluous hashtag I used on Instagram to tag my recipe posts. It eventually evolved into FMITK.com – my personal testament that you don’t need any formal training or a sprawling kitchen to make delicious things – just the passion to do so. Feeding people brings me a kind of happiness that no other activity comes close to doing.

FMITK’s recipes range from complex 4 layer chocolate cakes from scratch to 4 ingredient hummus. Generally, my recipes are inspired by the people around me. My friends and co-workers act as guinea pigs for new recipes and help me with new flavor ideas by shouting out random words like “jalapeno” and “feta cheese”. If someone brings me tomatoes from their garden, I’ll whip up a tomato gravy and some biscuits. I love going to farmers markets and seeing what’s in season and building recipes around those items. But, most of all, I love sharing my passion for delicious edible things with the people I love – and now, with FMITK.com, that includes you.

Love you!

Let’s eat.

about the cook

Hi! My name is Holly :D.

I like to cook.
I like to take pictures.
I like to eat.
And I do it all from my impossibly tiny kitchen.

There aren’t many foods that I don’t like. My kryptonite is bell peppers. I hate them. All of them. The red ones, the green ones, yellow ones, roasted, baked, stuffed. You won’t find one recipe on FMITK with a bell pepper as an ingredient, that much I can guarantee. Other than that, all foods are fair game. Oh… except shredded lettuce. I can’t stand shredded lettuce. Add that to the “blech” list (I blame it on 3 years as a “sandwich artist”).

Random Hollyfacts:

  • I appeared on Season 2 of NBC’s Food Fighters (episode 2!), competing against 5 (FIVE!!) professional chefs, including Eric Greenspan!
  • I was a Top 100 finalist for MasterChef Season 6 on Fox, out of 40,000 people.
  • I like my desserts more salty than sweet.
  • I like my hot food hot enough to burn my mouth and my cold food cold enough to burn my mouth. #extremetemperatures
  • In 4th grade, I brought carne asada fries for my entire class and made them eat it. Then I made the entire class sing Michael Jackson’s Keep the Faith – I typed out all the lyrics on a typewriter (A TYPEWRITER!!!)
  • My favorite city on earth is Paris.